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Monday Blue-song

The song from Mark-Almond plays in my head.  It is a Monday, but I don’t really feel so blue.  Feel almost good for a Monday evening.  The way Mark -Almond makes me feel when I listen to most of their music.  Its an old group.  Don’t even know if  they’re alive anymore.

Seems like a long time ago since my birthday.  I did make it to 62.  Now it feels like I ought to be so much older…but its only been weeks.  Read a little bit of my last blog, and noted that I still feel like that fortunate man.  Just sitting here feeling good…and feeling grateful for all the good things that I have in my life.  Been working on the final details of my next ebook, and also hoping to make it print on demand thru create space, but I’ve not done that before, so I’m going slow with it.  Don’t want to mess it up and put out a substandard product of a book.  But I feel good about that too.  Confident that I can pull it off.

Distracted.  Pulled out of my groove.  I hate it when that happens, but I know I can get my groove back.  I think they even did a movie about it.  Still…it is distracting.

What was I thinking about?  I noticed some comments on my blog site.  Where did they come from I wonder?  I don’t think anyone even knows I’m here.  I’m thinking this site is kind of for later when I get to figuring out things more.  At this point, I’m doing good to type out what I’m thinking about.  And i always wonder why other people would have any interest in that.  But on the other hand, I’m kind of a curious fellow myself, and if i stumbled across someone’s thoughts, I’d be curious to read them.  I always wonder what people are really thinking.  And that’s the only thing I can imagine that other people would be curious about too.  What someone else REALLY thinks.  Not some mindless blather about what they did all day and what they had for supper and who they talked to…unless there was some serious thought involved.

I wonder too how this blog thing is going to work out in the long run.  Like how can I use it most effectively?  To communicate with others.  I’ve written a few times on Facebook, and I enjoy the response s to what I write.  I think there is some desire in me to entertain and amuse other people.  And maybe I’m a little bit of a showoff…if thats the word I’m looking for.  I was going to say a ham, but i’m not sure if people even use that phrase anymore.  Doesn’t really matter, I think the drift is there.

I’m really glad that my daughter set this blog up for me…for Christmas I think.  Its kind of weird.  I’ve never really cared about …things…for b-days and Christmas and father’s Day and stuff.  But I think my family might finally be starting to understand that.  all i want anymore are just more means and ways to reach my goals of communicating to others thru my writing.  Hard to believe that I have three ebooks out there already.  Of course I’d like to have 30 or 50 or a hundred and adding to them all the time.  But three is a good start and I’m proud of that.  The next part of it is getting those books out to where people can see them…and most importantly…read them.  And maybe even let me know what they think.  that’s one more thing Ineed to add to the back of my book.  Let me know.

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