The Election of a Lifetime

It is with some trepidation, that I begin this entry. Two more days until the election ends. But…then there are all those ballots to be counted. There is some talk that we may not know until days, or even weeks later who will have won. We need more.

In most presidential elections, we have a pretty good idea of who has won before election evening is over, through estimates and projections. I can only hope that it is thoroughly clear by election evening this time. I HOPE that the voter’s will have sent a very clear message…an extremely clear message…that Biden is the very clear winner…and Trump is the EXTREMELY clear loser! If not…I fear for my sanity, and for the sanity of many throughout the country!

This is NOT about politics, and has never been about politics for most of us. Our political system and our social systems have been so corrupted by so many things, that they have created a place in our political history for a man like Trump to not only survive, but to thrive. Many, many words have been written and said about him, and many, many examples are further provided on video. Nothing I could say here today would add anything to those words or videos, so I won’t rehash it.

The question for Americans to decide is whether they want more of Donald Trump…or do they want to try something different.

Of course, many, many words have been tossed out about each candidate painting them maybe, and even probably, more harshly than deserved. Or maybe all of it is true. That is doubtful. Not that both of our candidates might not be corrupted, but are they corrupted in the ways that have been alleged against them?

The facts…have never been more muddied. I don’t believe that anyone knows for absolute certain what the facts are…and yet we all put out there information that we believe, or at least hope to be true. We know some facts by what we see of the actions of the candidates that have been captured on video. But then there are the spin gangs…the people who try to tell us what we have seen in a way that looks better for their candidates. And this only further muddies the facts. “Don’t believe what you see…believe what I tell you you saw.”

Unfortunately, there is no clear black and white in the world. And especially not in the world of politics. It is truly “Win at all costs and damn the facts!”

So all of us…are left to our own to use our own resources to try to clarify what is happening. Many of us don’t have the internal resources to do that, so we look toward other people and other sources that we believe we can trust…which may or may not be reliable to provide clarification. Bringing it back again to ourselves. What do we want to believe?

And we all seem to think that at the bottom of it all…we know better ourselves than anyone else whether its true of not.

I scan the internet looking for information that may be helpful to all, in this struggle to determine the facts. And the other side does as well. Whether facts, or easily refutable information is placed in front of our eyes…we still only see what we want to see. We still won’t always see the facts. It is a fruitless, hopeless exercise with some people to even bother.

Elections are predictable in only one way. There is a huge block of people on one side of the coin, and a huge block on the other side. Then, there are the people in the middle who don’t know what to believe! One day they will believe one side of the coin…and another day they might believe the other side. And they vote based on how they see it on the day that they vote. Of course they can rationalize why they do what they do, but it is only just that…rationalization. Still, these are the people who decide elections, unfortunately.

I think Trump is the worst kind of President to ever come along! And I think he is a despicable human being. I think he needs to be stopped! Right here, and right now, he needs to be stopped! People can say it is politics, but it is not and never has been. The worst part about Trump is the human being that he is not! I’ve never seen a person who is such poor excuse for a human being. I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life so I suppose that such people are out there. I’ve just not had the displeasure to meet them.

The trouble is…that many on the other side of the spectrum think Trump is a great person and a wonderful human being, and that my candidate is the scum of the earth, and that I am also because I support him. What we have to do to win the election for our side, is to convince the people in the middle…the wishy washy…that our set of facts are more true than their set of facts. That, and/or get a lot more new voters out there to help.

While the facts are pretty clear to me that Trump is the worst ever president to come along…I have to figure out how to help the folks in the middle see and understand that…with a set of information that is unclear at best, but extremely muddied at worst to the point of maybe not being true at all. This is the game of American politics…perhaps world politics in general.

I don’t like it, but I have felt it is my duty as part of this country, and more, as part of humanity, to use whatever information necessary to convince those middlers…that my facts are what matters so that they will vote Trump out of the picture!

It will take a long, long time to repair the damage that Trump has done to this country, and to the people of this country. I have to wonder if the damage among friend and families can ever be repaired. I will always have in my mind that you voted for Trump…and believed his lies.

Change our minds and show us that you change direction.

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