Valentine’s Day 2016

It looks more like Thanksgiving or Christmas today with the snow coming down.  But I don’t mind the snow when its a little more than a month away from the first day of Spring.  Its those dreary, snowy, freeing days in the middle of January that get to me.  You never know for sure then if its going to stick around for days or weeks, of if its going to like that for the rest of the winter.  In mid February, no worry.  It ain’t going to be around long.  I can live with that.

For myself, the end of Feb is the line I need to make it to.  If we can get thru January, it’s all downhill from there.  I can kind of relax and enjoy it.  Not so in mid-winter.  Especially worrying about the nursing home, and people getting to work and possible heating breakdowns and such.  Even if we got a snow of 6 or 8 or even ten or twelve inches.  It’s not going to hang around forever.  And its not even going to affect those in the country for very long.  So, like I say, I can almost relax.

That’s kind of what I’m doing today.  Relaxing.  Having slept fairly well, and got up late(8:00 am), I actually feel pretty good.  Our morning went well, and our lunch went well, and I think the wife has even been pretty relaxed today.  That helps with my relaxation when she is relaxed.

I like this blog site even though I haven’t written much on it lately.  It seems things have been…a bit…I don’t know, maybe just busy with one thing or another.  Whenever I have a bit of time, I have had things to fill it up, or maybe I was just too wrung out or tired or uneasy to write anything I feel good about.

And I’ve noticed that more and more, I like to write for the feedback.  I enjoy the hell out of give and take in writing.  I find that to a small degree on Facebook.  Though most people are not so…wordy as I, nor as open I think.  Most of the time only a word or two.  Sometimes I get a paragraph.  I don’t think most people like to communicate the way I do.  But really, its always been that way.  I don’t think most people want to dig in to themselves as much as I do.  And they especially don’t like it when someone wants to dig into them!  I notice a lot of times I will ask questions trying to find out more about people, but all they want to give is superficial answers.  And that’s nothing new.  It’s always been that way.

It seems like when we initially meet someone, that is the time when we will most share with them.  And then, maybe as we get a bead on the inner workings of others, maybe that is when we begin to…pull back from them.  Maybe we begin to share only what we think they can handle, or maybe only what we feel is safe to tell them that they will not…use in a way we do not wish them to.  We seem to feel that after we have gotten down that initial information, we have all we need, and they have all they need…to get by.  We sink in to some kind of ‘limited engagement’ with them.  We want to keep it in a kind of containment that we know we and they can handle with out fear of damage to the relationship.

Or maybe I’m way off base here and have no idea what I’m talking about.

The one thing I don’t like about Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday this year is that, like usual on a Sunday, Monday is the next day.  I mean, I feel like I, we, have had a pretty good weekend.  I just so like to spend my time doing other things that my weekends are far too full, and far too short.  I hate it when it seeps back in to my being that I have to go back to work again…and work for another whole workweek before I can even think about another piece of time like this.  And I know that most of the time, my odds of actually having a piece of time like this are pretty rare.

I think that bothers me the most.  So many things I’d like to do with my time, but with work taking so much of it, and sleep another huge part, that doesn’t leave a whole lot when I can do this.

But this hasn’t gone how I wanted it to today.  Think I’ll just leave it at that.




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